System Integration

Our System Integration division offers a comprehensive set of IT services which includes, consulting, supply of hardware, software, networking, establishing of data center infrastructure, support and managed services. We specialize in designing, planning, sourcing to installation, testing and pilot operations of all hardware devices, software elements including
operating system(s), middleware, software tools, applications (including customization of applications), establishment of networking infrastructure, training and skills enhancement of customer staff.

Connecting Infrastructure technologies to business needs

In today’s global information economy, businesses need the foresight to anticipate changes
and to adapt to the shifting trends accordingly. The information workers move organizations forward, in terms of developing proficiency and maximizing revenue potential by delivering value in customer relationships.

DISC provides businesses with solutions, enabling organizations to innovate and compete in a global economy.

Following are the key areas where DISC team has demonstrated expertise:

  • Intranet and Extranet Portals
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Process and Workflows Automation Solution
  • Enterprise Project Management Solution
Businesses want to gain and maintain competitive advantage in the dynamic market-place through the use of innovative and cost-effective solutions which Support their objectives. DISC provides infrastructure technology consultancy on the Microsoft server platform, for designing and delivering integrated and connected infrastructure solutions. Following are the key Microsoft and IBM skills offerings:
  • Active Directory
  • Identity and Lifecycle Management
  • Exchange Migration and Deployment
  • Storage Management Solutions
  • Systems Center Product Suite Solutions
  • Windows Desktop Deployment
  • Unified Communication and Messaging
  • System and Application Virtualization
  • Dental and Optometry Management Systems deployment and support



Cyber security consistently stays at the top of the news as cyber criminals and even organized crime find new methods to compromise corporate networks. Viruses, worms, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and other threats become ever-more sophisticated. A lapse in security can result in service degradation, downtime, brand damage and legal liability. Those who create and deploy network security devices face greater challenges to ensure that the security infrastructure will protect the network from malicious attacks.

Do you know the answers to these questions for your device or network?
Will my deep-packet inspection (DPI), intrusion detection system (IDS), and intrusion protection system (IPS) defend the network against new threats as soon as they emerge?
Does my security infrastructure provide acceptable performance for valid user traffic during an attack?
Do my best-of-breed devices work well together—are the policies synergistic or conflicting?
Can my network handle virus detection and spam filtering even under heavy loads?
Can my firewalls enforce policies and resist hackers with traditional and application-level inspections?
Can my devices resist DDoS attacks?
How can I measure the tunnel capacity and performance of my IP Sec VPN?
Can my devices handle extreme loads?
Does my system fail open, letting all traffic through unchecked, or closed, where no traffic gets through?

To ensure that your security infrastructure is solid, it must be tested in an environment that reproduces the complexity and scale of the production network in bandwidth, traffic type and number of transactions, users, sessions, ports, tunnels and VLANs. If your test system can’t deliver this level of realism, you can’t have the assurance that the system will perform
in a real network.


Routing & Switching

The economic and technical pressures on enterprises have never been greater. Doing more with less is now business as usual and this mindset extends to the enterprise network. Organizations are expected to support richer services, more traffic and more types of traffic with decreasing budgets for equipment and personnel. Network devices must provide improved performance with ease of management to enable enterprise IT departments to keep up with the demand.

This poses tough questions for system integrators, manufacturers and enterprises. Can the device or network:
Support a high quality of experience for sensitive applications such as voice or video?
Achieve the forwarding rates required by low-latency applications while maintaining throughput?
Deliver lossless performance under congested conditions?
Enforce effective security measures while maintaining throughput and latency thresholds?
Failover properly in the case of a disaster or outage?

For those responsible for creating and delivering the increasingly complex networks in the enterprises of today and tomorrow, the challenges have never been greater. Validating the performance and reliability of the component protocols and functions discretely is no longer a valid predictor of behavior. Understanding the challenges of today’s environment we at DISC excel in providing state of art solutions for our customer. We have carried out a range of Routing & Switching projects which bear witness to our excellence in this domain.

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